APL Vanda has lost 55 containers overboard

CMA CGM has clarified the situation for the APL Vanda, acknowledging that the vessel suffered a stack collapse that saw 55 containers lost overboard.

Current Situation..

A CMA CGM statement delivered today, said: “On 3 July, APL Vanda reported that about 55 containers from a single bay fell overboard whilst the vessel was facing heavy weather en route from Singapore to Suez, just before entry to the Gulf of Aden. No injury has been reported and all crew members are safe.

“The vessel has stopped in Djibouti to clear some damaged containers on deck before safely continuing her voyage. We are working with all relevant authorities who have been informed of the situation.”

Cargo World Logistics has a small amount of containers on the APL Vanda and at this time we are waiting for an update from the shipping line to identify if any of our shipments have been affected.

Your dedicated account manager will be in contact should your cargo be affected.

“Cases such as this is why it is essential to have adequate cargo in transit insurance. If you would like to discuss this, please contact me.”

Josh CartledgeDirector